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We are an enthusiastic husband and wife team with an extensive background and a strong determination in using our skills to help people succeed. We are the match for your company’s Web Design and SEO in Hawaii and anywhere in the nation.

Spencer -aka the visionary – has experience in corporate business (Warner Bros, Shopzilla) and management of national websites such as SCU’s LA College of Chiropractic.  He has a Doctorate in Chiropractic, a Masters in Acupuncture, a Bachelor’s in Business and Finance, and is an active Real Estate Broker.

Catarina – aka the driving force – is a physical therapist by trade and is passionate about helping people achieving their goals. She does not sit still in anything she involves herself in.

The COVID-19 impact on small businesses prompted the couple to invest in more knowledge and share their skills to help businesses rise again.

Why choose us?


We have been where you are. We have a company website we built many years ago and had multiple agencies managing it. We were promised to rank on page #1 every time we changed SEO agencies. One firm was quick to brag when they got us on the first page, but hid it from us when they lost it to our competitors a couple months later.

We actually find website building fun. We decided to learn about SEO and now know why we never ranked high!

Continuing good SEO is very time consuming and agencies like to limit the amount of backlinking and citations they do a month to reduce their costs. Some seem to use a more cookie cutter approach where they do the same for everybody and don’t evolve from that. Others are not honest or transparent in their procedures, assuming you as the client doesn’t know better.

This is why we go the extra mile for our clients and don’t like to limit optimizations. If you are not on page #1 we won’t be happy either and we will work harder to get you there.

Your Website Matters

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We get to know you, your business, and your competitors

We do NOT outsource any work

We do NOT use a cookie-cutter model

We include due dilligence on your competitors, including in the free audit

We get juicy backlinks that will help rank your site faster

We go the extra mile for our clients

Check out how we analyze websites

And get yours analyzed too

Most companies will tell you they can optimize your site but don’t really show you how. Some actually outsource a lot of the work so you really have no way of knowing how things are done. Let us SHOW you how we rock! If you already have an existing site, we will dissect it and point out things you can do today free of charge. If you want our help in the process, we’d love to work with you.


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