It is important to not only showcase your company, product, or service, but to also make sure that your website is strategically created to rank highly on Google. We will work directly with you to make this happen.

Website Design from your Hawaii team

This Hawaii Web Design team can build a website for your Hawaii small business or any small business in the nation. We use WordPress as our building platform.

Starting from scratch will allow us to build it from head to toe fully optimized, ready to rank! Building a website without a basic SEO plan is like buying a car if you can’t drive. Even if it’s the most beautiful car you can afford, it won’t get you anywhere.

Ranking takes time. It’s better to start correctly.

Your Website
Matters !

  • In 2019 American adults spent about 3 hours and 30 minutes a day using the mobile internet.
  • Since COVID-19 stay at home mandates, most people are doubling that easily.
  • Having a website will draw new customers to your business, and remind/engage previous customers to stay with you. For some, having a website is the only way they can still operate.

The Aloha Web Designing Process 

1. Information Gathering

We get to know you and your business. What are your services? Who is your target audience? Which city? What are your goals?

2. Analyzing Business Opportunities

In this phase we will be looking at what most people search for when they want the services or products your company provides. Popular search terms are called keywords, which are the specific terms we want to rank for. The content and SEO will be structured aroiund these keywords.

3. Analyzing Your Competition

We will be looking at your competitor’s websites to see what their strengths and weaknesses are. This will determine the minimum content required on your site to be able to compete with theirs. Competitive industries will need stronger websites.

We have a deep bag of research tools we use in conducting SEO page analysis including our favorites: Ahefs, Majestic, SEMrush, and Moz among many more.

4. Content Writing

Let’s go back to that analysis and use those keywords wisely. You can either provide some of the content and we will optimize it, or we can write it all for you. Get ready for a lot of questions so we can better understand how to promote your services!

5. Designing your WordPress Site

Here comes our creative side. We will be using WordPress which has thousands of beautiful templates that are fully customizable. You can be as collaborative on the website style or as hands off as you want in this phase.

Pictures are very important. We will be asking you for pictures of your business/services and will do some enhancement using Photoshop to better engage the costumer looking at your site. In some cases we may actually take some pictures for you or buy some from professional photographers, or all the above. This is all complementary 😊

6. Optimizing & Publishing

We will double check that the correct structure and organization to rank your site is correct. This includes reviewing keywords and readability, creating calls to action, creating effective tags and meta descriptions, optimizing pictures, link-building, and other different strategies.

Once completed, it’s time to go live.

7. Registering with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Site Maps.

This is step one for tracking the progress of your site and ensuring Google can crawl your site.

8. Registering with Google My Business (GMB)

We will register your business and set it up with Google My Business (GMB), also known previously as Google Maps. 

46% of all Google searches are local. It is the first thing that shows up if you search on your phone, so a lot of people will actually call from there. 

This is a step that can be done without a website. Most people don’t understand that there are many steps needed to optimize this for ranking however. Optimizing for your GMB is one of the services we offer with SEO optimization.

 Are you ready to take the

 next step?

ARE YOU READY TO REach as many cUstOmers as possible through the power of SEO?

Even a properly built new site will take time to rank, especially if there is competition for the same keywords. If ranking on Google is important for you, you will need to maintain your website, just like how you maintain your house or car.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO are the specific strategies involved in constantly adding relevant content and or traffic from popular sources that will improve or maintain your place in Google. It is a lot of work, which is why not everyone does it.

While you will want to do SEO to overtake your competitors in Google, don’t forget that other companies will be doing their SEO to overtake you.

Check out our SEO Step-By-Step Power Approach.


  • We get to know you, your business, and your competitors
  • We do NOT outsource any work
  • We do NOT use a cookie-cutter model
  • We do due dilligence on your competitors, including in the free audit
  • We get juicy backlinks that will help rank your site faster
  • We go the extra mile for our clients

Your Success is Our Success

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